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Exploring Slovenia

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

First impression about country

Our dear readers. After Turkey, we decided that from now on our blog will be bilingual. So welcome to English replica. When in Turkey we were regularly writing in rein Russian about our experiences: cultural, tasteful, travel and others. So we will do the same, but now from Slovenia. So, welcome to "Exploring Slovenia".

We are planning to stay here for a few years. Therefore, let us start with Why Slovenia. There are a few reasons.

First, Slovenia is a member of EU, which means it is quite a stable, economically and politically developed country. We never lived in such, yet)). 

Second, it is amazingly beautiful. A bit like Switzerland, but better! Slovenia is picturesque withictoresqueith it's lakes, mountain peaks, sea, grape yards, caves and castles. 

Lake Bled
Lake Bled

Third, Slovenia has quite an easy process of getting a residence permit by investing into its economy. Investment size is not that big, process of opening your business is simple, there are no requirements either to employ local people or to live here for any minimum amount of days during the year. But, true, taxes are impressive! We will write a separate post on company opening process. 

Four, Slovenia has great location. It is close to many countries, which allow one not only to easily travel, but also to reach by car many European musical festivals (which for us personally is quite an advantage). You can reach Munich in four hours, Vienna and Budapest in three, Venice in two and Zagreb in one hour.  Five, it has various options of active living: trekking, alpinism, mountain and cross-country skiing, rafting, swimming and even badminton (my Turkish friends will know why we are so excited about this as we failed to find badminton court in Istanbul). There is fishing and Alpine meadows. Here one can drink water from any tap. And parking for e-cars is free.  Slovenia is the only country in the world which name has word "love" in it.

And, by a lucky coincidence one multinational company has office in Ljubljana.

So from now on we will be posting regularly to share our landing experiences, insights on places and cousine, and hopefully you will fall in Love with sLOVEnia. 

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