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Exploring Slovenia. Month number two

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

What is still new

As probably noticed by our regular subscribers, we are rarely writing posts from Slovenia. The reason is simple: we are progressing really slowly. Therefore, posts are becoming more of an update style. We are getting used to live in a small, but centrally located European country. For example, to urgently buy something for house we are not going to local shop any longer. We put ourselves in a car and drive 1.5 hours to Austria to enjoy lovely and long time trusted IKEA. Beauty services, at least for women, are definitely requiring improvement (as is always the case in Europe). Waiting for trips back home or business trips to Ukraine to enjoy quality manicure services. If you need clothes or shoes - put yourself into car and drive to Italy. Luckily, the closest outlet is just next to the border, not far away from Goricia. By the way, Goricia is fun to drive through as when taking the main road you few times cross the Slovenian-Italian border. Only signs and text messages remind you of crossing it. Welcome to Novo Gorica (Slovenian part of town). Welcome to Goricia (Italian part). House status did not change much in a month. Electricity is still available only on the ground floor. A person still lives in a house. In the meanwhile we are learning new occupancy: furniture assembling, walls painting, wallpapers sticking, landscape design etc. Local shops are not as strong in design as in Moscow, but we learn how to choose from what is available. Otherwise, our favorite 2-3...-6 weeks. There are several DIY chains here: local ones like Merkur and Rutar and familiar Obi. To buy furniture there are some options: locals (same Rutar or XXXLesnina) or Austrian Harvey Norman. Lighting of a designish style is hard to find, but we found a couple of EU-delivering online options. Thinking of trying. However. Despite slow speed, there is progress. First apartment is 80% ready. As soon as electricity is switched on, couple if weeks, and we will be able to host first friends and publish it on Airbnb. Bedroom, kitchen and kids corner are almost ready. For those who wonder, now, in mid-October, weather is great, sunny, +20 during the day, but drops significantly towards night. True golden Indian summer. And yes, deer, woodpeckers, squirrels and owls are all living here with us.

Vodnikov razgled in Koprivnik v Bohinju
Bohinj valley

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